[messages] [Module Design] My module is not moving objects on the other player's screen

JoelGomez joelagomez at gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 20:46:31 MST 2013

I just made a new simple test module, and it seems to be having the same

The test module: I made one map with a single piece in the middle. I log
in for an online game, and when I drag and drop the piece, it moves on
my screen, but the piece does not move on my opponent's screen. It still
reports it on both of our computers. When he drags the piece, it does
not move on my screen, but it reports it to both of us. Not only this,
but when I shuffle a deck... it is not shuffled for the opponent.
Basically, nothing is transferring other than a report of the action.

I've opened one of my older modules I made a few months ago, and it does
not have this issue.

How do I get my actions / movements to translate to other players and
vice-versa? Is this a Vassal glitch?

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