[messages] [Module Design] My module is not moving objects on the other player's screen

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Wed Sep 11 06:48:16 MST 2013

Thus spake JoelGomez:
> I just made a new simple test module, and it seems to be having the same
> issue.
> The test module: I made one map with a single piece in the middle. I log
> in for an online game, and when I drag and drop the piece, it moves on
> my screen, but the piece does not move on my opponent's screen. It still
> reports it on both of our computers. When he drags the piece, it does
> not move on my screen, but it reports it to both of us. Not only this,
> but when I shuffle a deck... it is not shuffled for the opponent.
> Basically, nothing is transferring other than a report of the action.
> I've opened one of my older modules I made a few months ago, and it does
> not have this issue.
> How do I get my actions / movements to translate to other players and
> vice-versa? Is this a Vassal glitch?

We need to see your module to help you further.


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