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Wed Sep 11 12:05:59 MST 2013

This sounds like a fairly complicated setup you've got going on here. At
best I can offer some guidelines for how you might do things.

Okay. So first thing's first - you're going to have to set up Player
Sides and the Strategic Map will have to include a Rectangular Grid;
you'll need to include some kind of identification for each square of
the grid, something VASSAL handles easily. 

Your Army pieces will need the Basic Piece, Restricted Access, Delete
and Invisible traits for sure - Restricted Access to prevent the
opponent from accessing the piece, Delete to remove it from the game in
the event it is annihilated, and Invisible to hide its position from the

f you have a set number of armies, you'll want Global Properties for
each - then they'll need to include Trigger Actions to check to see if
they're occupying the same space as an enemy force (scout or army) and a
Set Global Property command that will change their status from Invisible
to Visible. Of course, if I understand the tactical significance here,
you're not going to want a player to know when one of their armies has
been detected.

A second set of Global Properties could be used to track the previous
position of a piece - this gets updated every time the piece moves to a
new location, again with a Set Global Property/Trigger Action set of
traits (the Trigger Action checks to see if the piece's current position
is the same as what's been recorded) - in the event of an encounter,
that information can be used to determine which direction the army
entered the square from.

A "Can Rotate" trait may then also be added to change the orientation of
the army when it enters the tactical board.

That's all I've got off the top of my head; might give you a start on
what you're doing. Sounds like an interesting project.

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