[messages] [Module Design] Randomized Board Layout?

ebonywidow sjricci at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 18:42:37 MST 2013


I just came across Vassal and first I would like to say it seems like an
amazing engine and thank you to everyone involved for its creation and
open-source availability.  =)

On to my question....

I have a deck of 100 cards and I would like to __randomly__ place these
cards at the start of a game on a board consisting of a 10x10 grid. Is
this possible to do with the vassal engine?

_* I am new to the vassal engine so please excuse me if this question is
very noobish. I have been reading over the documentation and have not
been able to achieve this (unless I need to create a custom class or
something?). *_

Thanks in advance  :D

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