[messages] [Module Design] How do a create a master trigger or hotkey?

capi3101 capi3101a at netscape.net
Thu Sep 12 11:35:13 MST 2013

You need to setup a Global Key Command on the module level; set it to
send its own hotkey, and have your Trigger Action buttons in the decks
watch for the hotkey it throws. You'll need another trait listed above
the Trigger Action trait to do the actual moving - Send to Location or
Return to Deck come to mind, though you'll have to set up an expression
with either of these.

How many cards are in each of these decks, out of curiosity? If it's
just one, no biggie. More than one and you'll need to add a condition to
your Trigger Action to make sure that just the top card gets moved, and
I'm not certain of the syntax in that case.

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