[messages] [Module Design] Campaign module with concealed armies/scouts

justinswanton justinswanton at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 12:04:09 MST 2013

Thanks for these pointers.

It's a bit simpler than you suggest: there is only one army per player
(though it would be nice to have more than one). Armies are not
annihilated. They do that to each other in the actual battle, fought on
the tabletop once both enter the same strategic square which decides

I have tried this with two counters on a physical map (both sides of
course see the other's counter) and it works well. There is some faffing
until both players decide which square they will accept for the battle,
but the strategic pre-game takes no more than about 10 minutes or so.
Makes the actual battle much more fun.

Let me play around with what you've suggested and come back with more
questions - if you don't mind answering them. :)

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