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mintroll mintroll-vassal at 2-72.co.uk
Fri Sep 13 14:18:06 MST 2013

I'm just getting into using VASSAL [3.2.8], and I have a question about
switching between PBEM and online play.

I'm currently playing the Space Empires Module
(Se4x-close-encounters-2-1-final) as PBEM, using log files (begin/end
log) to record moves and pass them about players.

For the more interactive battles we were considering trying online play
to speed through. As a general question, and perhaps if anyone knows the
SE module - more specific advice, is it easy to switch a PBEM game to
online, then go back to PBEM.

All the guides discuss these two styles of using VASSAL separately... in
my brief searching I didn't find any discussion of mixing usage styles.

Thanks for any replies.

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