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Hello... my pen name is Sweeteye, real name is Andrew,and I am from
Salem Ohio,USA...I just recently ordered a first edition copy of the
Avalon Hill wargame Waterloo....I was browsing the web to see what info
on he game I could find and discovered the Vassal Waterloo module....I
am an avid wargame player and designer,having been at it for over forty
years....Really is just a hobby for me.I really like board wargames the
best although I have quite of number of computer wargames and flight
simulators....Have been designing scenarios and missions for a number of
years....My most recent wargame projects have been designed using the
Panther Games Battles from the Bulge software. I designed perhaps six
scenarios for it. After looking closely at the Vassal software I
realized it would perfect for transferring my BftB scenarios over to in
board game format...I want to start off with something small and I have
a mini scenario I made covering the WWII battle of Wingen sur Moder,part
of Operation Nordwind in early 1945....the mini scenario has a small map
and a limited number of counters....I seem to have a fairly good handle
on using the module creator but it will take a while to get the scenario
ready for public use......Hopefully I might find a few people interested
in testing out my game system....really nothing special....very similar
to Avalon Hill wargames... Here is a view of the map.....I am in the
process of covering over the BftB graphics,most notably the
woods....Also have begun work on the counters but still have a ways to
go on them....I think a small portion of the map is going to be clipped
off...judging by the preview of the post......


[1] http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z470/sweeteyeone/wingenvassal_zps6eb0001c.png

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