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capi3101 capi3101a at netscape.net
Thu Sep 19 06:30:03 MST 2013

Okay, thanks. So I guess I need to be sure and put a link back to the
source page on the destination page then if I don't want mod players to
get all kinds of messed up and angry and carted off to prison in a
violent rage...

Occurred to me on my walk this morning that there was one more test I
needed to run: to target a link on a different HTML file. For example,
E001 (an event) makes reference to several of the R2 series (rules),
including R201. I want to make sure I can target R201 specifically. And
while I'm at it, I'd like to target R201 via the menu as well. A couple
of things to check that didn't work in 3.2.8 there. 

I am considering putting everything into one large HTML chart at this
point. Depends on what happens with the menu system.

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