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dasgalloway aaron.j.galloway at gmail.com
Fri Sep 20 09:46:59 MST 2013

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"uckelman" wrote:
> Presently, no, you can't add PDFs as help files.

In 3.2.8, for me at least, if you create a __HTML Help File__ and the
directory contains a pdf file, VASSAL will add it as a source file and
you can set the __Starting Page__ as [yourfile].pdf and it seems to work
fine. The temporary file is opened in my pdf viewer with no issue.

Edit: I may have had to create a "dummy" html file to use as the start
page for it to accept it the first time, but after the contents of my
help folder were copied over (i.e. my pdf file) I was able to change my
starting page to the pdf.

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