[messages] [Module Design] Need someone to work with on this.

briareos briareos200 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 26 16:55:35 MST 2013

I'm going to need someone who can explain step by step how to do things.
 Here's what I need to do to make a pathfinder module.

1.  I need on the main game board to have 8 decks that can be shuffled
evenly spaced and then a 9th deck with it's own discard pile separate
from the others.

2.  I need 6 people to have their own windows with their own deck and
discard.  Also must be able to put cards on the bottom of their deck.

3.  I'll need windows for the various cards that can be shuffled and
have specific cards drawn from the deck.  Also need one empty deck that
I can put various cards in and shuffle as needed.  Basically a card
storage setup window.

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