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Fri Sep 27 06:58:47 MST 2013

Good Morning (Afternoon, Evening, General Existence, whatevs; it's
morning here), folks. 

Zorro and I are collaborating to build a mod of Avalon Hill's
Kriegspiel[1]. So far we've communicated via PM but I figured I'd go
ahead and make a public thread in case there's anybody out there
interested in a mod of this particular game and that wanted to throw in
their two cents into its design. I don't have anything specific to talk
about as far as the mod goes right now; mainly just wanted to have the
link to the BGG materials handy for reference.

So, my understanding is that AH discontinued the game in 1979; does
anybody know if it was ever reintroduced/reprinted? Just asking for
information's sake (read: if I can get both older and newer artwork into
the mod, I'd be willing to add both).

[1] http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/3602/kriegspiel

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