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_1. I need on the main game board to have 8 decks that can be shuffled
evenly spaced and then a 9th deck with it's own discard pile separate
from the others._

Okay. We'll start here. Presumably you've settled on a card size at this
point and you've got something down for the main board (if not, go ahead
and add a board - a 2000x2000 white space is a good generic place to
start work on a card game and you can tone that down or replace it when
you're ready). I'd highly recommend adding a zoom capability to the
board and setting the default somewhere in the 50% to 63% zone, that way
you can more readily see your changes as you make them.

Then it's just a matter of adding decks to the board. You need ten decks
- eight for each of the decks, one for the 9th deck, and one for the 9th
deck's discard pile (you'll be leaving this one empty with the initial
set-up, but it's still important to have its position set). Give each
one a unique name and set their width and height values equal to those
of your cards. Set the re-shuffle function on them to "Via Right Click
Menu", and pick a unique Hot Key combination for each deck (I'd
recommend <ALT> key combinations, depending on how often the decks needs
to be shuffled.

As for the spacing, you'll need to experiment a bit with that. Start
with your first deck at 100 by 100 (be sure to stick a card in the deck
before you start working with it, of course). Hit okay, then edit the
deck again and select "Reposition Stack" to put it where you finally
want it. That'll give you X and Y positions for the first deck, and then
it's just a matter of adding or subtracting a value to the positions of
each deck to put them where you wish. The values should be slightly
larger than the size of your cards - 10 to 20 pixels is usually
sufficient. Start a New Game after you've positioned the second deck to
check how it looks and make further changes if you don't like it - once
it's where you want it, you'll know how much to offset the next set of

Time for me to get back to work; #2 and 3 later.

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