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No problem, glad to help.

At 496x690, I definitely recommend Zoom Controls on the boards, with the
default set pretty low - somewhere in the 30-40% (0.3-0.4) range,
actually (that way the players can see the whole layout all at once).
You can have a 100% zoom level available for players when/if they need
to take a closer look at the cards. 

Based on the size of your cards, I'll suggest a 550 pixel X-axis offset
and 750 along the Y-axis. Your board is going to need to be somewhere in
the neighborhood of 3300x2250 at a minimum, unless you wind up resizing
the cards. Not an issue if you're just going with a plain color bg, but
that could be prohibitive if you do a custom board.

I had a problem with oversized cards early in KCP's development; I used
a Python script to re-size all of them and they still turned out
alright. It's bad code - I have to break it every time I want to use it
for something different - but it gets the job done. If you decide to
resize all the cards, lemme know and I'll see about adapting it to this
specific case.

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