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The only issue I can foresee with leaving the cards the size as they are
is the final size of your module; larger images will make the mod
bigger. They won't compress much in the vmod file - so take the file
size of all your cards together, multiply that by 0.96, and you'll have
a good estimate of how much space they're going to contribute to the
size of your mod. If that amount is 75 MB or larger, you're going to
want to to shrink your cards down a bit; I'd suggest going down at 50
pixel intervals along the width axis (leaving the aspect ratio alone)
unless doing so makes the text on your cards unreadable. 

As far as playability goes, that's one of the things your board zoom
setting is taking care of. Keep in mind you'll also need to have the
same zoom capability for your Player Hands when you get to them.
Speaking of...

_2. I need 6 people to have their own windows with their own deck and
discard. Also must be able to put cards on the bottom of their deck._

You probably want to go with Private Windows, especially if privacy is a
concern, and definitely if a player should only be allowed to access the
cards in their own decks. If privacy isn't a concern but a player should
still only be able to access their own deck, you can set the Private
Window to be Visible to All Players. If neither privacy nor exclusive
access are a concern, use a Map Window. In all cases, just add a pair of
decks to the window, one for the draw deck and the other (empty) for the
discard deck. Note if you use Private Windows that you will have to
Define Sides in your mod.

Now, as far as sending the card to the bottom of the draw pile goes,
I'll need to do some tinkering to be sure. I know that you can set up a
deck with the option of reversing the order of the cards in the deck, so
placing a card on the bottom should be a matter of reversing the deck,
discarding the card to the deck, and reversing it again. That's probably
going to involve the use of a Trigger Action trait and some Global Key
Commands at the window level. Here's how I _think_ it would work (I
haven't tested this, bear that in mind). 
1. Set the player's deck up to reversible with the hotkey of CTRL-R.
2. You want all cards in their deck to include the Return to Deck,
Global Key Command and Trigger Action traits, in that order from top to
3. Set the Return to Deck command destination to the player's draw deck,
using the hotkey of ALT-1.
4. For the Global Key Command, set the keyboard command to CTRL-1, and
the Global Key Command property to CTRL-R
5. For the Trigger Action, use whatever Menu Command text and Keyboard
Command you wish (provided it's not one of the ones I just indicated
above; I'll suggest CTRL-B for "bottom", why not?). Set it to Perform
the keystrokes CTRL-1, ALT-1 and CTRL-1 in that order.

That oughta do the trick. Try it out and see if it works; if not, I'll
need to fiddle with it some more. Like I said, I haven't tested that so
I'd be amazed if it actually does like it's supposed to (quick way to
check - select the deck, hit CTRL-R and see if the card you discarded is
the card you draw).

#3 when I can get to it.

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