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rozar5 rozar5 at comcast.net
Sat Sep 28 19:55:01 MST 2013

Thank you capi3101 for your reply!!  You said:

__"Okay...I'll try my best to answer this question based on my
understanding of what's going on. If I'm wrong, post back. It sounds to
me like:
1) You want a single, 30-card draw deck,
2) You want a single discard pile (empty at the start),
3) You want them on a specific part of your board."__

This is exactly what I am after!  After each turn the DRAW PILE is
exhausted and the DISCARD pile is full at which point I re-shuffle the
DISCARD PILE into a new DRAW PILE and start the next turn.

  Here is the problem I am having:

The DRAW PILE and DISCARD PILE are not showing up on the main mapboard.

I have added the DRAW PILE(deck) and DISCARD PILE(deck) to the "Main Map
(map window)" and then put a few test cards in the DRAW PILE folder.  My
cards are 200x286 png files.  I save the edit and start the game.  The
mapboard appears and my toolbar buttons for PIECES, 1D6,1D20 and 2D6,
ZOOM are across the top.  No cards show anywhere.  :(  I am not sure
where I have gone wrong.   I did as you suggested and re-positioned the
deck on the mapbaord but it doesn't show up after I start the game.

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