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Sat Sep 28 21:17:01 MST 2013

Hmm...that sounds odd. Time to do some investigative diagnostics then.
What I'd like for you to do is go ahead and open up your mod (Edit
Module, of course) and go ahead and set it so the contents of the Main
Board are visible (the little circle off to the side with the line
attached; make it pointing down). Take a screenshot with <CTRL>-<PRT
SCR>, open up MS paint (or whatever your standard OS graphics program
is), paste the image and save it. I then want you to right-click on your
Draw Deck, select properties and take a screenshot with that window
open. Then do the same for your Discard deck. Then come back here, hit
"Quick Reply", go into the FULL EDITOR and attach all those screenshots
to your next post.

One other quick thing - on the Mask trait of your cards, do you have
your card back image in both places? Kinda like what I've attached? If
not, try that and see what happens.

(Incidentally, if you want to download Kerbal Card Program, crack it
open and get ideas, go right ahead; it's my mod and I don't mind).

I apologize for all the "Is it plugged in" questions; I want to make
sure everything is as it's supposed to be before we cry foul to the
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