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Mon Sep 30 07:01:22 MST 2013

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These gentlemen know what they're talking about; not a part of the Mask
Trait I've ever used my own self, which is why I didn't know (sounds
handy though - I can think of an immediate application for my Armada PNP
mod). I got to learn something today...

Briareos, if you want to shut that feature off, you'll need to go the
affected Decks and select "Edit All Contained Pieces". Open the Mask
Trait properties and go to the bottom image. There should be a drop down
Menu item that says "Plain"; you can change that to another option or
there should be a checkbox or radio button there marked "Peek" that's
selected, unselect it and hit okay.

Personally, I could see some value in leaving that feature in, but it's
your mod (received your PM and downloaded the mod file, BTW).

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