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Mon Sep 30 07:43:41 MST 2013

Okay...received your PM image of the Discard Pile, BTW, and it was large
enough that I could read what was going on. The decks are in the right
spot in the mod file (Under Main Map), that's good, and they both belong
to the same board - which I'll assume is the name of your Main Board.

The draw pile commands look fine; there's some weirdness going on with
the Discard pile, though. I'd set the reshuffle aspect to "Never". What
exactly do you intend for the CTRL-H hotkey to do when the Discard pile

Are you wanting cards that are drawn to go straight to the Discard Pile
(i.e. no intermediate steps)? If so, go to your Main Map properties.
Towards the bottom there should be an option that says "Key Command to
Apply to All Units Ending Movement on This Map" - set it to CTRL-ALT-1,
and I'll explain why in a moment.

At this point, we need to check the Traits of your cards. Each card
should have the following Trait Set in this order from top to bottom:
1) Basic Piece - This contains the image with the card front on it and
the card's in-mod name.
2) Mask - This will contain the image of the card back and let you set
such fun things as whether or not you want a player to be able to "peek"
at their card while hiding it from everybody else. You'll need the card
back image on both the top and bottom if you want the card to actually
be visible and available for drawing (see p. 53 of the Designer's
Guide[1] for what I'm talking about here).
3)Return To Deck - Set the Keyboard Command here to CTRL-R. This should
catch the CTRL-R hotkey when it's thrown (either by the draw pile
emptying out or when it's manually selected by a player). Set the
destination deck to DRAW PILE.
4)Return to Deck - Set the Keyboard Command here to CTRL-ALT-1, and the
destination deck to DISCARD PILE. What this will do is catch the Main
Board's key command when a card is drawn. It does not matter where the
card is released as long as it's released somewhere on the Main Board -
when it's released, the board will send the command that automatically
sends the card to the DISCARD PILE. This Trait is only necessary if you
want drawn cards to go straight to the Discard pile without going
anywhere else first, of course.

Bear in mind that if you have the DRAW PILE to throw a hot key when it's
empty, that last card isn't going to be playable (it gets to the Discard
pile, the Draw pile recognizes the fact that it's empty and sends the
hotkey that returns all the cards to the Draw deck immediately). So
depending on your rules, you might want to uncheck that box in your DRAW

I'm also thinking that you might have your DISCARD pile at least
partially set underneath your DRAW pile. Take one of your example cards
and go ahead and place it in the DISCARD pile for the time being, fire
up your mod and see if you can see where it is. If you can see it
sticking out from under the draw pile, you'll need to re-position one or
both decks.

Try all that and see what happens. If you still have problems, there may
be some layering issues going on.

[1] http://www.vassalengine.org/mediawiki/images/b/b0/Vassal_3.1_designerguide.pdf

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