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steve1501 pimfitts at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 1 11:26:22 CEST 2014

I recently moved to Thailand from USA to retire.
I live very near Bangkok for now. I'm very near the Wat Sai floating
market until mid-April, 2014. On a google map of Bangkok google that
After that I'm going north to Mai A Tang, 45 km east northeast of Chang

I'm looking for a guy to help me with a project to create a new variant
of Imperium 1st Ed. that is balanced, encourages you to buy and use the
cruisers & BBs, and perhaps is more in line with what I think is
"reasonable". [Yes I know, in Sci-Fi reasonable is different for

For instance, how can the average Jump Troop Division be 5 times more
powerful than the average Regular Troop Division when the RT have heavy
Art. and other heavy weapons which the JT lack?? Or how can a PDM that
survives bombardment then be in range of the bombarding ships when it
wasn't in range as it was fired at??

Reply or send me an instant message with this Page's system.

Sincerely, Steve1501

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