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Fxx bugnas.vassal at lr78.com
Sun Apr 6 18:01:33 CEST 2014

Vassal documentation states that Vassal supports traditional card games,
but I wasn't able to find any module for trick taking card game. I'm
looking to create a trick taking card game like for example Hearts -
standard game shipped with Windows.

If you are not familiar with it's interface, basically there are 4
players, which get dealt some cards, then each plays a card by clicking
on desired card in their hand. Dragging / right clicking and choosing an
action is not acceptable. When each player in clockwise order plays a
card, highest card wins and cards are folded over and trick assigned to
the winner. Preferrably taken tricks would be shown next to each player
as folded piles of 4 cards. Players also must follow suit, i.e. usually
not all cards are legal cards to play and this rule (and quite a few
more) must be enforced.

So the question: is Vassal suitable for implementing such a game?

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