[messages] [General Discussion] Populating empty deck from another existing deck?

Sebaestschjin sebastian.naehring at gmail.com
Fri Apr 11 18:59:43 CEST 2014

Ok, lets see If I undestood you correctly. You have an empty deck and
two populated decks. And you want to right click on the empty deck which
opens a menu with two options? One to send deck 1 into the empty deck,
and the other to send deck 2 into the empty deck? Is this correct?
Then the DeckGlobalKeyCommand wouldn't help you. This command will only
apply to all cards within the deck you specified it for. Since your deck
is empty there's nothing to apply.

But you could add a command to other two decks to send them to the empty
deck. There is an option within decks called "Include command to send
entire deck to another deck" where you could specify your empty deck as
a destination, and some text for the menu. This way you would need to
click the deck you want to send.

If you want only one menu, where you can select either deck 1 or deck 2,
you could add two regular GlobalKeyCommands to your window (in
combination e.g. with a ToolbarMenu). Each command could fire the same
keycode (lets say CTRL + S), but with different expressions to test.
Therfore your cards would need a property value which is unique for each
deck. Lets say your cards in deck 1 all have the property 

, defined through a marker and your cards in deck 2 have the value 

. Then you first GKC would only apply to pieces where 

 (defined in "Matching properties") and the other one does the opposite.
You then need a "Return to Deck" trait within you cards (best in the
prototype), which registers on your keycode and has your empty deck as
the destination.

Unfortunately you can not add this command to the empty deck itself, at
least I don't know a way to do so. But maybe my answer helped you in
some way?

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