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panther 2010 ares_ubris at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 13 18:09:37 CEST 2014

Hi Sebaestschjin

Thank you very much for your reply.

Well, I will try to explain a bit better what I' m trying to do.

A) In a DP or a GP you can increment the value by a fixed amount (+1, -2
, etc.). I need to use a CP because I want to increment the value of a
given property by the value of another property.

I tried : 

Property name : Prop1
Expression : Prop1 + Prop2

but this didn't work.

Then I tried :

Property name : Swap
Expression : Prop1+Prop2

followed by : Prop1 = Swap

and this seems to work, at least for now, and only in a test prototype.

B) I noticed the IF feature of CP  and tried to use it, without any
success. I tried in several ways, but it looks like I always made a sort
of syntax error (the "red cross" never disappears"...).

What I want do is this :

If Prop1 = true then Prop2 = X else Prop2 = Y.

It looks very simple, but I'm not able to do this working in no way, at
least till now.

Any suggestion and/or working examples would be very appreciated.

Thank you again!

Panther 2010 :shock:

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