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jlchacon away_from_home at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 15 23:39:08 CEST 2014

I've built a module for a game I am designing and have gone through
several different updates including the new icons and maps. 

I noticed the file size keeps growing and the old images remain. Is
there a way to prune out the unused images from the VASSAL file to
reduce its size? 

I was told before that a module is simply a zipfile with a different
file extension and to rename the module from ModuleName.vmod to
ModuleName.zip. Then open the zipfile, go into the images/ folder it
contains, and delete any stale/unwanted images. When finished, to change
the file extension back to .vmod 

I’ve tried this on both my mac and pc but after I convert my VASSAL
module to a zip file, unzip it, delete the unneeded images, rezip it,
and change the extension back to .vmod, I can’t open it in VASSAL.  I
get an error:  Invalid VASSAL module; The file
'/Users/josephchacon/Desktop/Vietnam Firefights v04' is not a valid
VASSAL module.

I am using the latest version of 3.2.11.  Does anyone have an
suggestions on how else to clean up a vassal module?

Thanks,  I appreciate the help.


Joseph Chacon

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