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Leonardothered fly_guy_29 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 16 11:31:22 CEST 2014

Hello all! I have previously hosted a Diplomacy variant I created on the
westeros.org forums, which borrows from games like Crusader Kings 2,
dynasty and history simulators, to bring to life the Game of Thrones
vibe from the TV series and fantastic book series A Song of Ice and
Fire. My goal was to create a highly customizable game where players
could create their own houses with some basic overall traits like having
Dornish blood to gain a movement bonus in the sandy deserts of the deep
south while taking a penalty trait like wraught for battle which makes
said houses' generals develop slower. The game also handled issues like
succession crises, the unnatural long winters that come along, and
managing families and marriage alliances, diplomatic ties. 

Here is the map as of latest updates(note the war torn state of the
realm) and below it the rules:


I was painstakingly updating the map each weak and tallying up figures
for banks and such, but the work became too stressful at points so I
ended up having to put the game on indefinite hiatus even though all
parties were having a good deal of fun(some less as they had been
eliminated ;D) Every person would have to send me their orders, and I
would be required to keep note and keep track of a bank, and keep note
of all movement and also be the general rulemaster.

Later the idea came to me if I could digitalize all of this input of
orders and map movement it would save me loads of time each update and I
would only have to put in a bunch of time at the front end with no

So I am a total noob to this kind of thing, and while I have followed
some principles of the manual I was wondering if anyone would take a
pinch of interest and help me start working on this at the ground level
to guide me in the right direction towards making this. Ideally each
game could even require its own module so that a lot of the input could
once again be done on the front end instead of working towards a
deadline every week. It's not the most straightforward of ideas, but
based on other engines I've looked at Vassal definitely seems to be the
best for what I am thinking of and for the design I have already taken
through its paces.

My questions are:

How ambitious a scope is this, and what are some helpful links or guides
I can use to start making a development outline for myself?

[1] http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/8656/g09y.jpg
[2] http://www.wattpad.com/story/6506602-rules-of-diplomacy

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