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phoxounet y.hondarrague at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 18:58:27 CEST 2014

Hi there !

1st, Vassal Engine is quite amazing ! Just loving it. ;)

So far, i am creating my 1st module as a pen and paper RPG support
regarding the Cardinal's Blades RPG. All the mechanics are managed using
a card game.

However, for each side, i created 2 hands : one is where all cards are
managed and the second one contains a character sheet scan (Currently,
the board image is the character sheet.). I've created 10 at-start
markers representing player's life, each having 3 layers : unchecked,
checked and double checked, for each player's character sheet. For each
marker, I put a shortcut to reset to layer 1 (Unchecked) and created a
GCK in the Player hand - charater sheet module to reset all life
markers. Parameters are : Matching Properties : CurrentBoard =

All shortcuts use the same hotkey. However, using this GCK playing
online resets all players markers when I want it to reset the playing
character only. A workaround would be to define a different shortcut for
each GCK (and each player life marker). I guess that the map level
(GameTable) is the only parameter that seems to be checked by the GCK
(and this map is shared by all players and so, the GCK and shortcuts are
working as intended. Is there a way to have a common shortcut for all
players but that will reset hp markers of the playing player only ?

Moreover, where can I find all functions and parameters available in
Vassal ? I searched in the wiki, tutorials, Module Designer Guide but
didn't find a complete definition of all functions, parameters and

Thx for reading. :)

Yannick H.

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