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Leonardothered fly_guy_29 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 16 22:15:44 CEST 2014

Sorry, I realize I wasn't very conclusive at all, but I'm really looking
for a step-by-step guide on some similar games maybe or at least one I
can break down. I mainly want to use Vassal as a tool for online gaming,
as a way to handle some of the legwork I'm having to do by detailing the
map myself every step of the way and having to collect all of this
information like trades between players, their expenses each turn, and
in the way that armies clash against eachother in a very specific but
mathematical order. 

I've already hosted the game before and want to create an interface
where players can relay all of their information for the game without me
having to break everything down and update the status of the game.

So yes I need a map, some pieces that can be color coded and have a
number value attached, the map color colored by region based on owner,
and most importantly I need it to keep track of game characteristics
like food/gold both its banking and production each turn, whether or not
a region has a castle and what kind of castle it is, transactions
between players, and behind the scenes track things like which person's
heirs and family are where.

The deeper I get into the game the more complex and branched out it
gets, which I'm sure is common with most game ideas.

-Map screen with regions labelled as or show color of owners, labelled
with a graphic or text that shows whether or not it has a castle, and
finally show what armies are there and who they are. I want to duplicate
what I was doing with my map that I linked above, but have the game
engine do it instead of editing it by hand every week
-Interface for player transactions and purchases, meaning a drop down
menu and what you want to send. It doesn't have to verify trades and
things, as this is part of the game, that someone can backstab you and
not send you anything.
-Interface for troop movement w/generals and movement of members of
nobility, though the latter doesn't have to be represented aside from a
/whoiswhere report type thing or another screen as what family members
are where and if they're prisoners is pretty important
-Finally, an interface/screen for political actions and attacks. This
could probably be combined with the interface for transactions if need

All of the player communication is done through a forum, westeros.org so
it doesn't need support for that or be anything other than a really
awesome tool for the players and myself.

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