[messages] [Module Design] Extending an extension

Sebaestschjin sebastian.naehring at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 12:58:02 CEST 2014

Is it possible to extend an extension of a base module? My intention to
do so is as follows: I have a base module which contains the base
version of the game I'm modelling. For this game an add-on exists which
I want to put into an extension so that it can be loaded additonally to
the main module and extends its functionality. Furthermore I'm thinking
of adding translation extensions to the main module. But what do I do if
I now want to translate the extension of the base game, too? Can I
somehow extend the extension module so that I have access to the new
game pieces? Or do I have to write another extension which simply copies
the add-on extension and adds translation text to it? The second
approach would have the problem that when I change the behaviour of the
add-on extension it needs to be changed in all translations, which is a
bit of a let-down.

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