[messages] [Module Design] Player hand GKC affecting other player hand

Sebaestschjin sebastian.naehring at gmail.com
Sat Apr 19 13:28:39 CEST 2014

The Problem is the Marker Trait. This trait can only be used for static
properties which can't change and which are never calculated by Vassall.
That's why $PlayerSide$ will be interpreted as a pure String and thus
put into the label the same way. A Calculated Property would  to the
trick and return the correct player side, when you put it in curlcy
braces like:


Name : Owner
Property: {$PlayerSide$}

However if you add the property like this to all your items the owner
would change and the value would depend on who is currently playing.
This means when the "Peirolin" player is playing all items would have
the "Peirolin" property attached and your problem wouldn't be solved.
What you want is a marker trait that simply states the player side for
each of your life markers. So add a marker with "Peirolin" to all your
life markers in the window of the "Peirolin" player and change the GKC's
matching property to:


{$Owner$ == $PlayerSide$}

Now when the "Peirolin" player activates the GKC only the life markers
that have the "Peirolin" marker should be activated by it.

However I realized that you defined your GKC INISIDE each players own
character window. If that is the case there should be the option "Apply
to counters on this map only". When you tick this it actually does the
same thing as I mentioned without using the additional Marker traits. So
the GKC should only apply to the life markers within the map you
activate it, so only of one player. If that's not the case I think it
might be a bug.

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