[messages] [Module Design] Player hand GKC affecting other player hand

Sebaestschjin sebastian.naehring at gmail.com
Sat Apr 19 15:53:33 CEST 2014

Ah okay, so I guess you have only one window with different boards. Yeah
then it is as you said, the GKC will be applied to all boards within the
map. I Thought you had one window per player. However that's one of the
reasons why I think boards are a bit misleading and their actual power
is very limited and mostly they are more complicated to use than their

Yes, I have a similar solution, to the one in the thread, in my module.
At game startup each player selects one of the faction he wants to use
for playing through a key command. When this command fires the owner
property will be set to the player side that used this command and it
also propagated to all pieces in the game that share the same faction
name. This way I can use the $PlayerSide$ test, which is quite nice.
It's a bit more complicated to realize since you have to take some
further things into account, but it offers some great flexibility.

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