[messages] [Module Design] Extending an extension

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Thu Apr 24 09:32:29 CEST 2014

Thus spake Sebaestschjin:
> Is it possible to extend an extension of a base module?

No, you can't literally add an extension to an extension. Extensions
only apply to modules.

> My intention to
> do so is as follows: I have a base module which contains the base
> version of the game I'm modelling. For this game an add-on exists which
> I want to put into an extension so that it can be loaded additonally to
> the main module and extends its functionality. Furthermore I'm thinking
> of adding translation extensions to the main module. But what do I do if
> I now want to translate the extension of the base game, too? Can I
> somehow extend the extension module so that I have access to the new
> game pieces? Or do I have to write another extension which simply copies
> the add-on extension and adds translation text to it? The second
> approach would have the problem that when I change the behaviour of the
> add-on extension it needs to be changed in all translations, which is a
> bit of a let-down.

I can't speak to how this works. Try it with a test module.


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