[messages] Edit: Re: [Module Design] Independent, Non-linear UNDOs

JoelCFC25 jkoepp at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 25 15:16:59 CEST 2014

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I'm here and reading, but I'm up to my eyeballs in a major module
project right now. When I get a chance I'll revisit these posts and
upload a small proof-of-concept module for you to review.

EDIT: Sorry, I just now see that you sent me an email. The email address
I have listed on Consimworld is not one I check often--I only use that
one for websites that require me to supply an email address but where I
don't want the site hassling me with "offers" at my primary email.
Consimworld doesn't seem to do that, so I should probably change it.

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