[messages] [Feature Requests] UML like sequece diagrams view in VASSAL

RLWilson ron.l.wilson at charter.net
Fri Apr 25 16:36:50 CEST 2014

UML sequence diagrams are a good way of capturing sequences of actions
and have been used in the computer industry to do just that.  For
example see 


It seems to me that these diagrams would work great for capturing
sequences of action in games as well, say for after action report
generation. In a game context the "objects" at the top of the diagram
(the boxes) could represent game pieces (and be shown as such with the
same graphics as if on the game board). The horizontal arrows could be
actions that  happen where one piece takes some action on the other
piece (e.g. fires at it, resupplies  it, spots it, or whatever). The 
activity bars could represent some continued action such as movement. 

The idea here is that this embedded sequence diagram would be built and
updated automatically  by the player just playing the game as usual. If
he moves or fires a piece then those actions would be automatically
added to the sequence diagram (guided perhaps by some player preference
settings). Other game artifacts such as dice rolls,  map hexes and game
cards might also be things and actions that could be captured in the
sequence diagram.

With this, after a game pone could have a very concise (but detailed)
account of what happened in the game. One could also use the diagram to
assess what is happening during the game and also maybe use it to 
insert planning objectives as to places and times and events that one
wants to make happen.

Having much experience developing software functionality I know this
would be a non trivial feature to build in VASSAL. But it could be a
ground breaking feature as well by introducing a new paradigm to board
gaming that  would be difficult if not impossible to do with a non
VASSAL physical board game but that would be very doable (albeit non
trivial) in VASSAL.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sequence_diagram

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