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RLWilson ron.l.wilson at charter.net
Fri Apr 25 16:58:49 CEST 2014

One other spin off form this. Given capabilities like Google street
view, it would be neat if one could say take six screen dumps  of a
Google street view like scene at every 60 degrees and then  import those
images into a map as viewable sprites so to speak. It might work
something like this. If a perspective picture is loaded into a game that
matches (or at least sort of matches) a map hex side, then that hex side
may be drawn say fatter than a non populated one. Then by clicking on
that hex side that would pop of the  image that shows that view. 

Yes, that would be an incredible large amounts of imagery to create to
do that for all hex sides on a map, but the idea is just to do that for
a view landmark ones.  This could help a player get a worms eye view of
the terrain... even if the worm hole may not be quite the hex on wants
to take a pick at the terrain but  5 or 6 hexes  away. Once again that
would be a lot better than no view at all.

And BTW, as to accuracy of computing lats and longs of hexes, the more
goofy the map and its projections the more reference points one may need
to add to compute the conversion parameters. Ideally it would only take
two (one on each opposite corner) but in actuality it might take a dozen
of so to get  even close. The algorithm could divide the map into
sub-regions as more reference points are added, the limit being that
each hex has a reference lat/long... but hopefully reasonable accuracy
could be gotten  with  fewer than that! 

I am not saying this would be easy to do.. rather it would be cool to
have... given some really clever person could figure out how to make it

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