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Please see attached demo module inside the attached zip file. This does
exactly what you want to do. It takes approximately 2 minutes to create
(or add into your module which will be the case for you)

__How it works (simplified):__
When the pieces move 2 commands become available: "Send back to start
location" and "Finalize move".

You only use "Finalize move" when you know you are done moving the piece
and will not be sending it back to its start position so it can reset
the pieces' new start position for the "next movement turn" of the game
as it where.

__How to add to your module (in general):__

examine the demo fully. The key things you want to do is make a
prototype exactly like the one I have and add this new prototype to all
your pieces you wish to have this functionality. Also add the autostart
GKC at the bottom of the tree like I have and make sure in the map
dialog you have the last field set to the same as mine

Thats all there is to it
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