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RLWilson ron.l.wilson at charter.net
Fri Apr 25 17:47:02 CEST 2014

A way to (perhaps) make the above more doable is to create a data
structure linked to the grid data structure where the lat/longs of each
hex is either entered (via a human/data file) or computed on demand.. to
save memory for large maps. 

The game map builder (or even  player) could populate (or add to the
existing points)  as many reference  hexes they desire with the lat and
longs (however they might be obtained. On selecting a hex that lat/long
could be displayed, regardless of whether it is one entered or one
computed on the fly (though some indication of which is the case might
be shown as well). 

The computed lat and long would be based on the three (or so nearest
reference points) and would use a selectable projection model (e.g.
flat, spherical, Mercator, whatever) where the idea is that the
projection model can be simple in that better accuracy can be gotten
just by adding more reference hexes until the accuracy is "good enough
for government work".

 Thus the idea here is not to match the capability of a GIS tool in
accuracy but just simply interpolate between known reference points and
only be as good as those points and how many of them there are in a way
so that the user can easily use this without having to get a PhD in map
making but simply add enough reference points to get reasonably accurate

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