[messages] [Feature Requests] UML like sequece diagrams view in VASSAL

RLWilson ron.l.wilson at charter.net
Fri Apr 25 19:12:15 CEST 2014

Incidentally I tried to do something like this where I built a sequence
diagram "map board" and then manual populated it with pieces. It worked
pretty well except that it was a but cumbersome to use and was all
manual to populate. If I has just a swim lane object that acted sort of
like a piece in that I could place it ands move it on a map board (the
sequence diagram map, and then put game pieces on it  on it like
activities blocks and  object boxes (i.e. game pieces) then that would
be a step forward. That would leave drawing the arrows between the swim
lanes and rules to auto draw them. 

The message is that I think that VASSAL may be closer to doing this than
one might think in that it has the basic building blocks to do so
already. What it needs is the glue to make it less cumbersome.

For example one could have a piece property that says I am a sequence
diagram object and this is what causes me to appear or move on the
sequence diagram. The lane object would have a property that says want
to change swim lanes. Thus each piece just has a few new properties and
the sequence diagram functionality is an emergent behavior that happens
when those pieces exercise those properties, like draw an arrow at this
point in my swim lane to the swim lane that piece x is in and name it
thus and such. 

Then say when a piece fires at another pieces those rules would then
trigger the events that then further populate the sequence diagram
through those properties that the pieces have that populate it. Thus
VASSAL use's its on smarts to model swim lanes, arrows, et al  just like
it can model anything else form chess, to Chinese checkers, to AH's The
Longest Day.

Perhaps that would allow a incremental approach where  one gets a full
up sequence diagram capability in incremental stages, one step at a

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