[messages] [Module Design] Copying Global Properties

dsdhornet david.a.fenton at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 18:01:39 CEST 2014

A few (admittedly non-optimal) solutions:

1.  Copy the entire map, then change the things that make player 2's map
different.  If the only differences are things like zones, grids,
stacks, etc., those can be copy-pasted.

2.  (Maybe) Make the copy on a BuildFile level.  Close module.  Backup
module file (highly recommended).  Change extension to '.zip'.  Open and
edit BuildFile in Wordpad (or some other simple text editor).  Find
section corresponding to Global Properties in Player 1 Map.  Copy to
section for Player 2 Map.  Change extension back to '.vmod'.

Note:  I'm not 100% sure this will work, as I'm not sure if Global
Properties have unique identifiers the way I believe pieces do.  A quick
look in the BuildFile should tell you.

On a side note, I've found that BuildFile level editing works wonders
for late changes to Prototype names, Trigger keystrokes, etc.  Simple
Find->Replace changes all references at once (instead of having to
modify every piece separately).

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