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dsdhornet david.a.fenton at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 04:07:27 CEST 2014

On my project, I'm using regions to define areas of various terrain
(swamp, forest, etc) on a hex grid.  I have 'Use board's grid" and have
removed the region name from the "Location format", so for all the
documentation knows, there's no difference.  

To identify the terrain, each region has a Global Property "gzTerrain",
which I can read by pieces within that region.  It works great.

I am now trying to add road and bridge identification to the board. 
These roads could pass through any sort of terrain.  The easiest way
would be to have each road be a region as well, with a Global Property
"gzFeature" = "Road" or "Bridge" or etc..  

However, I am finding that pieces along the road cannot tell what type
of terrain they are in (i.e. cannot read "gzTerrain").  It appears that
while they are in the 'road' region, they are not also in the 'city'

Is it possible to overlap multiple regions and read different variables
from each?  

If not, then I'm forced to split my road into sections every time it
changes terrain.  If the capability is not available now, it might be
nice in the future to have the ability to define an area which will
contain a certain property (without affecting snapping, location names,
or anything else).  So you could do something like define terrains,
areas in influence, etc, separately.

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