[messages] [Module Design] Move fixed distance and joining stack?

dsdhornet david.a.fenton at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 05:17:04 CEST 2014

I've been hunting through the forums and noticed that Move Fixed
Distance is a special snowflake.  Batched moves and all.  Intended (as I
understand it), to keep it from joining up with a stack halfway (and not
doing the full move), trying to move from there, and so on.  

What I'm running into is a bit different.  I have QWEASD keys used to
move a piece a hex at a time.  After each move, the map trigger starts a
process that implements terrain effects, auto dice rolls, incrementing
move counters, etc.  Normally it works great.

However (of course there's a however)...while it normally works, if the
Move Fixed Distance moves the piece to a hex where another piece is
sitting, it joins the stack.  This in itself isn't an issue, as it seems
that the next key moves it out of the stack and on as normal.  What IS a
problem is that on the move where it joins the stack, the map trigger
does not fire, so the piece moves, stacks, then does nothing.  When
jumping off the stack to an open place, everything runs as expected. 
Jump back on the piece...nothing.  
Leads to the interesting effect that by leapfrogging two pieces, you can
move twice as far (or use the first as a stepping stone over a hex that
would normally disable piece movement).

Anyone have any idea what might be causing this?  The log reports the
standard "piece X moves 1102 -> 1103', but anything else triggered by
the 'apply to pieces ending here' doesn't fire.  Is this a known bug?

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