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JoelCFC25 jkoepp at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 28 22:21:15 CEST 2014

"Charles McLellan" wrote:
> However, the left pane of my module does not contain the same items as
> the right side of Tim's demo module. Therefore, I cannot change the
> right pane of my module to echo Tim's.

It does, and you can. Perhaps you are expecting to see a 100%
character-for-character match of Tim's traits available on the left to
be selected: e.g., "Dynamic Property - StartXLocation". 

When viewing the traits in Tim's prototype definition, __ignore all the
text including and to the right of the dash__. So in the example above,
the key information is simply "Dynamic Property". That is the name of
the trait to scroll down and find in the lefthand pane's list and add to
the righthand pane. Only after you subsequently double-click on it to
edit its properties will it acquire the extra text (which is simply read
from each trait's Description box). 

There are only 4 traits required to be added from the lefthand pane (one
of them is used 3 times): 

Send to Location
Dynamic Property _(this one will be added 3 times)_
Trigger Action
Restrict Commands

Only after you add these and then double-click each one to edit their
properties and descriptions will you have an exact replica of Tim's

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