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Wed Apr 30 13:07:33 CEST 2014

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Just thought I would let you all know that development has recommenced
in earnest.

After much toil, the artwork is now complete, including extensive use of
layers to create the card artwork (thanks to the creators of GIMP). The
card artwork layering is aligned to the use of prototypes to also build
up card display and behaviour. For those who are interested, I have
included an image of the hierarchy of prototypes implemented. This
approach and work is largely influenced by the work done in the current
TS module (if you see this Mike you will instantly recognise the
structure). I have chosen this approach as these are both card driven
games with very common card mechanics. As such the below is a guide that
could be used and modified for many card driven games. Using this
approach I am able to incrementally add functionality to the module and
avoid extensive rework at each stage.

<!-- ia0 -->Card Prototype.PNG<!-- ia0 -->
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