[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Is My Buildfile Corrupt?

MKerby mckerbyariz at gmail.com
Sat Feb 1 18:49:15 CET 2014

I have created a very "feature rich" module and was in the process of
testing and debugging some features.  in the process, I was removing
some unneeded traits from a prototype and am now getting truly
unexpected results.  

Instead of getting a dice roll as I expect, I now get a Bad Data in
Module error.  Here's the message.

__- Bad Data in Module: [Trigger Action   - Attempt Bridge Capture] -
Expression evaluation error {SumStack(StackCount)}__

Now here is the interesting part

This action -->  __[Trigger Action   - Attempt Bridge Capture]__ isn't
even executed with the action I am invoking

This evaluation --> __Expression evaluation error
{SumStack(StackCount)__ is not associated with the action.

I suspect my buildfile may have become corrupt as there may have been
some problem with the file save.  The file module type has become 00b.  

So any pointers for my buildfile debug efforts?  What are some field
delimiters I need to search for?  Any anomolies that should be obvious
to determine if it is the buildfile?

The details:

Vassal version 3.2.10
OS Windows 7 SP1
Java Version 7 Update 51

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