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An easier way to fix this would be clicking the Undo button in the top
left side of the toolbar until the offending card is removed by
observing the points, or after undoing an earlier card.

I might be able to solve this with a zone, or by adjusting the books
grid and graphic slightly. Will look into possible solutions before the
update, which should be soon now if all testing checks out okay.

By the way, don't get too attached to your spell books, or prepare to
take some time to update them. When this update comes out current spell
book cards will be obsolete and need to be replaced with newer versions.
It's pretty easy as delete card, get its replacement, delete next card,
get that replaced, ect.

The updated cards will have a working Obliterate command, the
calculators flaw will be fixed on them, some minor menu arrangement, and
the mage cards themselves will be overhauled for stat tracking on the
card itself.

As previously, your old spell books will still load and work (save for
1.0 books), but will simply be missing the current features. I may look
into actually making a spell book updater in the module, if no one minds
the update taking a day or two more. I know how I can do it now that
I've got the pre built books in, but will report back with how
successful it turns out. I'm too intrigued now not to try it. :lol:

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