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reddeblu reddeblu at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 2 01:32:48 CET 2014

It works! Your books can now update themselves AFTER you manually update
then this one last time. And then, your spell books can forever be
current huzzah! :D

I'm still pondering what T-Mo said about making the new stat tracking
optional, I could it's not really out of my way. But should I? Is the
question I'm not sure on. If it isn't optional, then I can get rid of
the Status Boards all together, the button, the images, the cubes, If I
do make it optional then that will all have to be left where it is.
Anyway, to help figure this out I've taken a preview shot of what will
be the new stat tracking for mages. This is as of right now, the final
version, though any suggestions for improvement after I post this are
more than welcome.


As you can see, Life and Channeling are also shown on the card and can
be changed. Everything has a keystroke for easy changing too without
needing to go into the menus constantly. Mana is auto channeled every
Channeling phase just like the spawnpoints and familiars. And starting
stats are auto set up on each mage according to what they should be.
Mages that come from the pre built apprentice books will have apprentice
stats set to them instead of their normal stats however.

I'll be the first one to say the damage looks kind of awkward hanging
off the side like that, so if anyone can think of a better arrangement
of the numbers I'm all ears. :3

Now the question remains, should this be an optional feature? If it is,
it will have to be mutual to both players. I.E. One cannot use the new
tracking and the other use the status board at the same time, it would
just get confusing..  And it is much easier to make this optional if it
is applied to both players.

So yeah, once I finish the book updating system, do more play testing,
and get some solid opinions on this (and perhaps make changes to it),
then the update should be ready to go! Don't forget to keep posting
about current issues though still, like a card vanishing to the side of
the book, thanks teberger I am still on that. No matter how small, I'd
like to hear about them, the more I can get fixed and improved now the

P.S.A big thanks to jcollard for suggesting the current vertical spell
book design, it is actually great and I'm surprised even how much of an
improvement it was over the previous one. :lol:

P.S.S Looking back, I've been holding off this update a lot haven't I? I
know its only been about a week, but I was expecting to have released
this many days ago. Just new things and new ideas come jumping out of no
where and I just have to add or change them. I'm just happy that the
current version is in fact stable enough for people to be playing and
enjoying it while they wait, and with that I have to say thank you all
for playing this module and supporting Mage Wars. If it wasn't for the
interest you've all shown in it, I would have likely never updated and
improved it this far. Time to go back to work. 8)

[1] http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z300/Ellyanar44/StatTrackingPreview.png

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