[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Counter Location and Logifle Divergence

Charles McLellan cgmclellan2000 at knology.net
Sun Feb 2 15:35:20 CET 2014

I made a print copy of the Logfile in which the divergence occurred. I
then started with the previous Logfile and copied exactly the same moves
that created the divergence. No divergence occurred.

Conclusion, either the divergence is total random or the Logfile is not
revealing all that takes place during a move. Of course, I know that the
Logfile does not record all actions, just those actions that it has been
programmed to record. Many actions are not shown -- flips of counters,
counter movement to tray from right click menu selection, etc.

So, does the Logfile contain other information than that displayed? If
not, is there anyway to capture all the action that is occurring?

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