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teberger tberge01 at cs.unm.edu
Tue Feb 4 02:30:41 CET 2014

I tried to reply to this before the servers went down for the migration.
Anyway, here's my opinion a few days later:

First off, thanks for all your hard work!

I personally don't mind the overhang due to the added convenience of not
having to open even more windows. I would suggest that you drop the
status stuff into its own drop-down (accross?) menu in the root of the
right-click menu. Going 4 levels into a drop-down is a bit cumbersome. I
would say to make it mandatory, as it streamlines the game and gets rid
of some extra windows that I'm sure people have already been trying to

Also, you may want to include the Corrode token on the next update as
well. It seems to have been left out. If I just forgot to send you the
image, let me know, I'll get it to you ASAP.



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