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reddeblu reddeblu at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 4 04:45:49 CET 2014

You did send me the corrode token, I just forgot to add it. Had it all
prepped and ready to go into the module too, but never put it in for
some reason. :oops: 

It's in there now, And I have proof! :lol: 


Anyway, I moved the numbers around a bit and so far me and my
playtester/s think it looks better than before. This is actually from
our last game doing apprentice mode, beat her as the priestess. Found a
problem with the pre built apprentice books too so gotta fix that. (Btw
Brogan rocks!)

Since the forums have been down I've done some re arranging of the menus
cause we did find the 4 layer drop down quite cumbersome. But your idea
teberger is actually much better than what I've already done, so I'm
going to re change them again.

A few other tokens also got left out of the last version, I forget which
ones, but they have all been added so far last I was aware. Everything
else appears to be checking out okay, save for the minor problem here or
menu adjustment there. I finished the book updater and so far it works
beautifully, I've already started making my own permanent spell books
ahead of you all haha! :lol: So once this update comes out, any book
made in it, or old books replaced with the new cards, will never have to
worry about being outdated again! :D 

After play testing a bit and so far so good, barring any major
unforeseen issues this update should be ready in a couple of days or
less! :D  :D 

Been getting a better chance to play with/against the new mages, and yes
I can see how the Forcemaster is over powered. Beat my brother with it
in 20 minutes, using the starter book, it was pretty sad yet hilarious
at the same time. Summoning a Guardian Angel? Nope! Mind control! :lol: 

I almost beat a custom Forcemaster book though playing as the
Necromancer, almost being the key word. Though I was killed she will
inevitably choke to death on the poison gas cloud, trapped between 3
Wall of Bones and the arena edge, with a hoard of zombies, 2 rot
conditions, and only 3 life remaining lol. It was pretty damn close.

Still I doubt the arena managers will ever want to tear down those walls
to find out what ever was left behind them. :?

[1] http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z300/Ellyanar44/StatTrackingPreview2.png

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