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Kiwi461 pnjaenichen at gmail.com
Sat Feb 8 20:49:25 CET 2014

So I'm creating a module and was wondering if this is possible:

I would like to do one of two things ... either Have the 'moved' marker
disappear for all models for a particular player when either a button is
pressed or when the turn changes.  Example:

Player 1 moves some pieces around during the movement phase of his turn.
Player 1 knows who moved (affects how much a unit can shoot) because the
moved markers are there.  
The turn counter now goes to Player 2 .... at this point if I hit the
Mark Unmoved, all the markers are removed.
Player 2 moves some pieces around.
Player 2 shoots ... now some of the pieces that Player 1 didn't move are
harder to hit, but with mark unmoved removing all markers, without an
additional marker they would all look like they weren't moved.
Starting Turn 2, player 1 resets all of his "Moved pieces" but Player 2
still requires his markers to facilitate player 1's shooting

Now, not hitting the mark unmoved button until the end of the turn would
only help player 2, because the 'unmoved' status would still carry over
into turn 2.

I hope that makes sense ....

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