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reddeblu reddeblu at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 8 22:26:41 CET 2014

It might be possible using the Marked When Moved trait. You can assign
that trait a keyboard command for both player 1's pieces and player 2's
pieces. You can then make two trigger actions which triggers the
commands on each piece. This first triggers command would be applied to
all pieces that move on the map, which is done in the map properties
itself. The trigger should have a Moved!="true" Matching Property so
that the piece is only marked as moved once when it moves.The second
trigger should have a similar command, also triggering the Marked When
Moved traits, but having a Matching Property of Moved=="true".

Now you could make a couple Global Key Commands on the module level,
each one using the key command of each players second trigger. Then make
a Multi Action Button containing these two Global Key Commands. Set the
Matching Properties of each command to check for the player side
associated with that command, like the first GKC would see if
PlayerSide=="Player 1" in order to send player 1's key command to their
second trigger.

Once done when ever any player clicks that button, it should unmark only
their pieces. I hope that all makes sense, I'm not sure I was too
coherent with the explanation. But I can make an example module if you'd

Thinking about it, you could probably ditch the first trigger
altogether, I don't actually use Marked When Moved options much at all
so I'm unsure. Be sure to prototype what ever it is you do though.

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